What is Women Against Radon?

CanSAR’s Women Against Radon (WAR) is dynamic campaign to raise awareness about the danger of radon among the most influential members of our communities: Women. Through sheer numbers, as well as their impact on the health and welfare of their families and their communities, women can – and will – win the War Against Radon.

Become a WARrior

The cost of becoming a WARrior is small in both time and money but the rewards in lives saved can be great. With just a $25.00 donation you will receive a WAR Chest containing everything you need to get started, including your own WAR bandana, pin, wristband and informational brochures. Become a WARrior now.

Meet Other WARriors

As a Woman Against Radon, you are part of a growing number of strong, influential women who want to make a difference by raising radon awareness, recruiting other WARriors, and saving lives. Connect with others through our social media pages.

Share Your Story

Send us your best “Rosie” the Radon WARrior (in full bandana regalia) photo(s) along with your experiences and successes and we’ll publish them on this website and post them on our Facebook and Twitter pages.