“CanSAR is an organization dedicated to preventing radon-induced lung cancer and saving lives through advocacy, awareness, and outreach.”

CanSAR was founded in 2005 by Elizabeth Hoffmann, who was diagnosed with stage IIIA lung cancer in 2003 at age 37. Liz had never smoked and had no family history of lung cancer. When her home of over 15 years was tested for radon, the results showed a level more than twice the U.S. EPA’s “take action” level of 4 pCi/L.  Learn more about radon.

Liz fought lung cancer for 10 years, appearing before Congress multiple times to share her story and advocate for radon awareness legislation. Today, CanSAR volunteers fight with her mission in mind: “I will do everything I can to help spread the importance of radon testing so no one will hear the words, ’you have cancer [due to radon exposure]’.” Read more about Liz’s Law.

All donations to CanSAR go toward providing resources for persons diagnosed with radon-induced lung cancer and their families, raising radon awareness, and working to save lives by passing “Liz’s Law” in all 50 states.

Liz was not alone in her struggle. The stories of many CanSAR volunteers and those who join the cause are much the same. CanSAR works to bring together a community of survivors (diagnosed persons and their families), healthcare and radon industry professionals, and concerned citizens, to raise awareness and promote legislation to reduce the national risk of radon-induced lung cancer. Join us today and become part of the CanSAR community.

CanSAR and our partners have already succeeded in persuading legislators in several states to pass radon awareness bills. It is through the donations from our sponsors, our partners, and concerned citizens and the hard work of our volunteers that we are able to continue toward the goal of passing Liz’s Law and other radon awareness bills in every state across the U.S. Discover which states have passed legislation to protect their citizens from lung cancer.

Radon is the #1 environmental health threat and the #1 cause of lung cancer for nonsmokers.

Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer.

Together, we can change this. Together, we can save lives.