Iron Turtle Triathlon 2016 Registration Begins

Congratulations to Debbie Greenman, the first registrant for the 2016 Iron Turtle Triathlon, which begins July 1st! Debbie received one of our limited edition radon awareness t-shirts. This is Debbie’s third year participating in the Iron Turtle, and she has been a strong advocate for radon awareness in her community ever since her own diagnosis of Stage IB lung cancer in 2008.

A non-smoker, Debbie was shocked when she received her diagnosis, and even more so when she received her home radon test results and found that her home tested at over 200 pCi/L (the U.S. EPA’s take action limit is 4 pCi/L). As a radon-induced lung cancer survivor whose home is now safely fixed by a local mitigation company, Debbie’s positivity and activism are truly inspiring. “It’s kind of funny how one of the worst experiences of my life has led to some of the best experiences of my life.” Learn more about radon and radon-induced lung cancer.

CanSAR has been the benefactor of the Iron Turtle Triathlon since 2014. The Iron Turtle is a passive, full-length Ironman triathlon, which means that participants have 31 days to complete the walking/running, biking, and swimming portions wherever they choose to. People are invited to register and compete as either a team or as an individual.